Speaking the executive language

The Lead5 community grew from years of personal experience in the executive search field. The generosity and good will of executives across industries led to a need for a place for those conversations to live.

That's where Lead5 comes in.

About Us

In the Information Age, the executive job search stands out as frustratingly opaque, a process designed to parse out information on an arbitrary “need to know” basis. In the executive placement industry, the client is the hiring company; the candidate, therefore, becomes the commodity.

There is a very real need for traditional executive recruiting firms. Many members of Lead5’s leadership come from that world, and we count on our partner recruiters to help us keep our repository of job openings as current and comprehensive as possible. We believe that ambitious, highly successful professionals should have the tools at hand to drive their own careers.

We created Lead5 to give these executives a platform to confidentially discover, assess, pursue, and share career opportunities among a community of likeminded and similarly successful professionals. We want to empower top executives by giving them the intel they need to make informed decisions about which opportunities to pursue through the channel with the highest chance of success.

Our platform mines public data sources to identify open company executive opportunities before they’re posted on a job board or farmed out to an executive recruiter. We combine this intel with information gathered from third-party online postings, a partner network of top recruiters, and our own Lead5 community to provide an expansive repository of timely news.

Lead5 does not exist to find you a job. We offer you access to information about where possible opportunities are hiding. We are here to provide you the intel you need for your next leadership opportunity.

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