Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission Of Lead5?

To help executive members elevate their careers. Two decades of leadership in the retained recruiting space informed us that executives do not have the intel and connections that they need to be successful in a modern, fast-paced economic environment. Lead5 brings together hidden and disparate sources of executive career intel, empowering our members in every stage of their careers.

How does Lead5 bring all this hidden intel together?

With teamwork and technology. We built the Lead5 Community to combine intel from members, our research team, and our proprietary technology. This is a powerful combination that gets stronger with every member who signs up and contributes to Lead5.

What are some examples of Lead5 intel?

The Lead5 Community offers members hidden executive jobs, key recruiter contact information, executive compensation trends, insider career advice, private equity deals, executive appointments and departures, and more.

Who does Lead5 serve?

Lead5 serves an exclusive community of members ranging in level from Directors/VPs to CEOs. Our members have compensation starting at $200K. We personally vet every membership to ensure that our service is the right fit for the seasoned executives that we serve.

How do I get started?

Go to and click "Start My Free Trial." We will ask you some basic career and contact information to ensure that we offer the most tailored experience possible. We offer several subscription plans. We are confident that you will see value in our service and offer a 7-day risk-free trial that you can cancel at any time.

How do I get the most value from Lead5?

After subscribing, we recommend that you set up a personalized dashboard that takes less than a minute to create. We will ask you for a few data points that will help us deliver to you the most relevant positions and competitive intel. As a member of the Lead5 Community, you will be empowered to exchange information with peers. The more you contribute, the stronger the community becomes.

Is my information confidential?

Yes. We never share any details of our member community with anyone.

What is the meaning of the name Lead5?

Lead5 represents the 5 dimensions that drive executive career success:

  1. Proactive and strategic outreach
  2. Continuous networking with key hiring contacts
  3. Exchange of thought leadership
  4. Honing job skills
  5. Connection with peers

It also represents the (5) filters through which executive leaders manage their careers. The 5 filters include industry, function, and region, along with the additional filters of market cap and ownership structure unique to the executive job search. Together these 5 filters form the lens through which executives view their career trajectory. Make sure and set your My5® filters to ensure your Lead5 membership is targeted with intel and data specific to your background and experience.

What is the difference between a "potential opportunity" and a "verified opportunity"?

The Lead5 Community – our combination of people and technology – provides our executive members with potential opportunities and verified opportunities.

The average executive search takes 150 days. Lead5 has proprietary algorithms that identify potential opportunities oftenbefore the formal search process kicks-off. Therefore, a potential opportunity represents the earliest possible window when a candidate can insert themselves into the search process. If the company decides to recruit for this type of opening, our candidates are there first.

Lead5 also identifies verified opportunities that are being actively sourced by hiring companies. We provide key company, investor, and recruiter contacts for direct access to these opportunities. In total, Lead5 creates awareness of executive openings that for decades have been hidden and only offered to executives on a need-to-know basis.

What are user-generated comments on Opportunity Posts and Member Submitted Opportunities?

Lead5 Community members can submit opportunity leads often for positions in different geographies or where their background might not be an exact match. Remember, one opportunity shared can change the life and trajectory of another member's career! Lead5 Community members also have the ability to post confidential comments to opportunities such as recruiters assigned to particular search projects, whether or not a company is considering internal candidates, compensation insights, or other general intel related to the opportunity. Lead5 works best as an actively engaged community, sharing leads and data.

What is the Recruiters section on Lead5?

The Lead5 Recruiters section is an aggregate list of the top 50 retained executive search firms in the United States along with highly credible boutique search firms with specific expertise by industry and function. Lead5 regularly audits these recruiters for updates and additions/deletions. Each recruiter is coded by their specific area of focus across industry, function, and region. This gives Lead5 Community members the ability to easily discover which recruiters they should be in contact with for their particular job search.

Can I invite others to become members of Lead5?

Yes. In the Lead5 Community section of our site, you will see referral forms. We ask that you invite other executives to join because as our membership and intel grows, everyone wins.